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Legal and Procurement Issues Guide

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This guide is aimed at government lawyers and officials who are looking at open source software.

There’s a challenge in putting together any kind of guide for government staff. On one hand, you have a sea of studies and analyses produced by scholars and advocates of open source, on the other hand you have government employees in the trenches, confronting and solving (or not) actual problems, and then, on top of everything else, there is the law. And those three often don't relate to each other very effectively.

But considering even just the savings - the millions of dollars that are saved by leveraging open technology reuse and development practices - the rewards of bringing together the scholars and advocates, the government staff on the ground, and the law itself make the effort an imperative. Further, as technology allows for the greater dissemination and sharing of knowledge and technology, so it also allows for more effective collaboration and cooperation around building, cultivating, and reusing shared and open source resources.

The need for useful guidance is especially pressing now, when the need to save money amid smaller budgets and greater public demand for service and accountability is complemented by the increasing availability of free and open source software and knowledge around it. This Wiki is intended to be a living, breathing guide - just like the open source projects it seeks to support. Its success is owed to those scholars, government staff, policy makers, and the general public who understand that their ongoing contributions and sharing can give back to them, in the form of a leaner, more effective and more transparent government.

Inevitable Lawyerly Disclaimer: This guide seeks to provide practical information regarding problems and best practices in open source procurement and development, and discusses common legal issues. However, any best practices or opinions shared in this guide should not be considered legal advice, or a substitution for the normal procedures of legal consultation that may be needed in the preparation of procurement contracts, requests for information, requests for proposal, licenses, or any other legal instrument.

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Fecha: 25/06/2012. Fuente: http://wiki.civiccommons.org/Legal_and_Procurement_Issues_Guide


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