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International Overview of Open Source Software Report. 2009

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estudio internacional software libreThe Spanish Open Source Software National Observatory has initiated a study of the state-of-the art of open source software technologies in the world. The aim is to identify and analyze the ongoing public and private initiatives and projects, policies and legal issues, as well as the technological trends on OSS worldwide.
The knowledge yielded through this study will allow to:

  • Take advantage of the synergies and complementary capabilities identified to more successfully undertake national and international projects
  • Explore new opportunities and consolidate ongoing initiatives for both the Spanish ICT Industry as well as the Administration and Universities
  • Promote Spanish cooperation in international R&D activities related to open source software.

To undertake this study, CENATIC will be supported by Penteo ICT Analyst, specialized in the provision of independent analysis and advice on ICT and Information Society subjects.




To reach a clear understanding of the role OSS and open standards play nowadays worldwide on public and private sectors, from a social and economic point of view, and to asses opportunities and challenges for OSS technologies in a global economy:

  • Considering social and economic impact of main technological, politic and legislative trends around OSS and open standards
  • Taking into account international trends on the use of OSS
  • Identifying regional differences on the development of OSS communities
  • Assessing the impact of OSS on education


The study will be based on an exhaustive research and analysis of international literature on OSS. This information will be qualified through in-depth interviews with international experts on OSS.